Lazy Mom Meal: Apple Cider Chicken Will Fill Your Home With the Scent of Fall

Apple Cider Chicken
Want to capture the heavenly aroma of autumn? Simply by throwing a few simple ingredients in a pan, you'll not only create that delightful scent, but you'll also have a one-pan dinner your entire family (even the pickiest members) will love. It's apple season, so it's high-time we showcased the tempting fruit -- and this Apple Cider Chicken dinner does just that. 


Erin of Well Plated combined apple cider, chicken, carmelized apples, and a touch of rosemary to develop this incredibly easy dish that looks like it's worthy of a magazine cover.

Seriously. Take a look. 

apple Cider Chicken

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If you've been to the orchard and are looking for ways to use up your apples and cider, this is just as delicious (and as easy) as pie.

Dijon mustard adds a spicy twist to this tasty dish that takes just 30 minutes to cook. Plus, it's all prepared in one pan, meaning your evening just got a little more relaxing thanks to relatively little cleanup.

Visit Well Plated to view this Apple Cider Chicken recipe in its entirety.


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