Hello Kitty Wine Is Here, & It's the Absolute Cutest Way to Get a Buzz

Hello Kitty Wine

We knew that Hello Kitty had already taken over the kitchen a few years ago with toasters, coffeemakers, and even a quesadilla maker, but now she's hopping behind the bar. Hello Kitty has teamed up with Italian winery Torti to present a collection of vino that'll have you saying "cheers" (or is "meow"?) this fall. 


Naturally, the wines tend toward the sweet and sparkling and we'd expect nothing less. (Seriously, you didn't think Hello Kitty would be sipping a boring old Pinot Grigio, did you?)

The collection includes six fanciful flavors: Rosé, Sweet Pink, Sparkling Rosé, Cupido, Charmy, and Lady.

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Of course, each is packaged to showcase the posh pussycat giving her signature wink. They're so pretty, in fact, it's easy to picture stocking the bar with these for your next book club or baby shower.

Check your specialty wine shops to see if they're selling what has to be the most purr-fect elixir to hit the shelves in a while. 

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If you've been feeling nostalgic, here's a chance to reconnect with a childhood favorite, because this little kitty's all grown up and looking to celebrate. Just make sure the kids know that despite the label, this drink does not belong in a sippy cup.


Image via Torti

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