11 Decadent Apple Dessert Recipes That Are Delicious AF

Eunice Park | Oct 18, 2016 Food & Party
11 Decadent Apple Dessert Recipes That Are Delicious AF

The weather's crisp, the nights are chilly, and yes, apples are finally in season. And that means it's time to start picking -- and eating -- to take advantage of apple season. Not just apple season, but apple baking season.

There's something super gratifying about making apple-based dessert dishes. Maybe it's something about all of the spices, or how that flaky pastry just goes with the tangy sweet apple so well.

We've rounded up 11 apple recipes that will make you fall in love with fall all over again. From crisps to tarts to the best apple pie ever, we're sure these recipes will inspire you to get your fill of apples, whether they're freshly picked from the orchard, or straight from your supermarket aisle. 


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  • Healthy Apple Crisp

    Healthy Apple Crisp
    Image via The Fit Housewife

    This Healthy Apple Crisp from The Fit Housewife is, as the name implies, healthy, indeed. It’s chock-full of apples, and pure ingredients such as brown sugar, cinnamon, maple syrup, and oatmeal that give the dessert lots of depth.

    It’s best served warm -- with ice cream, of course. 

  • Apple Pie Profiteroles

    Apple Pie Profiteroles
    Image via Baked by an Introvert

    Making profiteroles may seem intimidating, but these Apple Pie Profiteroles from Baked by an Introvert are totally worth it.

    These puff pastries are light, delicate, and stuffed with apple pie cream, then topped off with homemade caramel sauce. Scrumptious!

  • Low Fat Apple Cake

    Low Fat Apple Cake
    Image via As Easy as Apple Pie

    If you’re seeking a delicious apple dessert that’s low in calories, this Low Fat Apple Cake from As Easy as Apple Pie is an excellent option. The apples (no butter or oil in this dessert) give this cake moisture and flavor.

    Each slice is a minuscule 116 calories, which means you can eat as much as you want!

  • Caramel Apple Trifle

    Caramel Apple Trifle
    Image via Life Love and Sugar

    If you’re looking for a simple, non-baked treat, this Caramel Apple Trifle from Life Love and Sugar is for you.

    The trifle calls for layers of cinnamon granola, cinnamon whipped cream, cinnamon apples, and caramel. Apple plus cinnamon means blissful goodness!

  • Sweet and Salty Bourbon Cinnamon Pecan Caramel Apples

    Sweet and Salty Bourbon Cinnamon Pecan Caramel Apples + Chocolate Drizzle
    Image via Half Baked Harvest

    If you’re seeking a salty and sweet combination that also looks spectacular, indulge in this Sweet and Salty Bourbon Cinnamon Pecan Caramel Apples + Chocolate Drizzle from Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest. 

    The caramel apples are quick and simple, but Gerard highly recommends using a candy thermometer to ensure the caramel is just right. And don’t forget the twig -- a nice autumnal touch!

  • Apple and Vanilla Tartes Fines

     Apple and Vanilla Tartes Fines
    Image via Dutchie Baking

    What makes this Apple and Vanilla Tartes Fines from Dutchie Baking so special is the flakiness of the pastry, which goes so well with the soft texture of baked apple.

    And of course, you can't forget the ice cream! 

  • Apple Pie Oatmeal Cookies

    Apple Pie Oatmeal Cookies
    Image via Amy's Healthy Baking

    No one can pass up a cookie, and these Apple Pie Oatmeal from Amy’s Healthy Baking will have everyone coming back for more. These cookies are soft, chewy, and healthy.

    As they're made with wheat flour and agave, you can’t feel guilty for eating more than one.

  • Apple Pie Pancakes

    Apple Pie Pancakes
    Image via Tastes Better from Scratch

    These Apple Pie Pancakes from Tastes Better from Scratch are the perfect meal for fall.  The apple topping and spices add another layer of yumminess. And pancakes aren’t just for breakfast -- so you can enjoy this breakfast morning, noon, and night.

  • One Bowl Carrot Apple Muffins

    One Bowl Carrot Apple Muffins
    Image via Minimalist Baker

    For apple-goers seeking something wholesome, gluten-free, and vegan, these One Bowl Carrot Apple Muffins from Minimalist Baker are loaded with veggies and apples. Other virtuously healthy ingredients include bananas, almond meal, oats, and almond milk. 

  • The Best Apple Pie Ever

    The Best Apple Pie Ever
    Image via Audrey's Apron

    What makes The Best Ever Apple Pie from Audrey’s Apron the best ever? Perhaps it's all the butter and sugar! The key to a good apple pie is the type of apple, says Audrey, who recommends using a hard, tart apple like a Granny Smith (which she uses).

  • Easy Warm Swedish Caramel Apple Cheesecake

    Easy Warm Swedish Caramel Apple Cheesecake
    Image via Half Baked Harvest

    Swedish cheesecake, like this Easy Warm Swedish Caramel Apple Cheesecake from Half Baked Harvest, is made with strained cottage cheese, instead of cream cheese that’s used in regular cheesecake.

    Add the warm caramel apples and you have a fluffier version of cheesecake topped with the apple yumminess.

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