11 Slow Cooker Recipes for Days When You Can't Even

Liz Alterman | Oct 6, 2016 Food & Party

Slow Cooker Burrito Bowl
Is there anything worse than hearing the question "What's for dinner?" and having no answer -- especially when you and your family are eat-anything-in-the-fridge hungry? 

Rather than scrambling to come up with a hearty and healthy dinner on the spot, consider these set-it-and-forget-it Crock-Pot recipes that will change your dinnertime routine from fearsome to fierce. 

From sumptuous soups to enticing exotic cuisine, we've rounded up slow cooker meals that will make your life a whole lot easier (not to mention, more delicious!). Seriously, is there anything better than walking in the door to the wonderful aroma of a dinner that's just waiting to be savored?

No, we don't think so either! So, pull out your slow cooker, prep, and enjoy. 


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