You Can Now Buy #CoffeeinaCone & the World Will Never Be the Same

Thanks to the seemingly bottomless innovation of foodies, you can bank on absurd amount of options when it comes to all your favorite edible delights. One in particular that's gained a lot of attention lately? Drinking your coffee out of a cone. Or, as it's better known, #CoffeeinaCone! And, yes, it's exactly what it sounds like -- your favorite coffee blend inside a delectably crunchy cone. (Then again, it's easy to like any blend when it's served in an ice cream cone.) 


Although the yummy treat was first brought to mass attention at the beginning of the summer, it has gained more attention over the months and just in time to alternate our wintertime faves -- like hot chocolate or hot apple cider -- with substitutes. The man responsible for this trend, Dayne Levinrad, is a Johannesburg, South Africa, native. 

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The cone is layered with chocolate on the inside, making for the perfect creamer and barrier against the scalding liquid. But how the hell does one manage to get hot beverages inside a chocolate-filled cone? Well, Levinrad certainly doesn't pretend the process is a simple one. 

It involves tons of experimenting, including rolling their own wafer cones and changing things up until they found the perfect compound of ingredients. And, as soon as that happened, he moved like any savvy business person and had it patented the moment the product was near perfection.  

Make no mistake, it's no accident that this has become a trend, as Levinrad was a digital marketing executive in another life. That knowledge allowed him to appeal to the millennial masses with this catchy hashtag that has over 1,500 tags. 

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Found this fun treat at farmers market #coffeeinacone #ziavalentina

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Now you can watch as the trend sweeps the entire nation into a food frenzy as you sip on your very own #CoffeeinaCone -- and we only have Levinrad to thank. 


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