How NYC's Black Tap Does a Gender Reveal (With Milkshakes, of Course!)

When it comes to milkshakes, we can pretty much all agree that New York City's Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer has damn near broken the Internet with its gravity-defying, calorie-laden confections. It's attracted a slew of celebrities, and Kylie Jenner even had a milkshake made in her honor. 


So when you're the owner the world-famous burger joint, and also expecting a new bundle of joy, you can bet your last chocolate-covered pretzels that the gender reveal was going to be done in legendary style. 

Owner Joe Isidori and his wife Louise recently invited us to their restaurant in SoHo to celebrate. Watch how they found out the gender of their baby in the video below -- and get inspired to do your own sweet reveal, too! 


Image via blacktapnyc/Instagram

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