The Galaxy Trend is Causing Us to Swoon in a Major Way

Galaxy Donuts

The one thing that's consistent in life? Change. More specifically? Changes in trends. They come and they go, even in all of their heightened popularity. A major trend right now is the galactic one, and yes, it's exactly what it sounds like -- the world on a platter (or, in some cases, a makeup palette). Perhaps you've heard of galaxy donuts. But what you may not know is that there's an entire world of fun, galactic goodies floating around.


The trend has even made its way to Melbourne, Australia, where CoCo Mamas will be selling its very own galaxy glazed donuts.

The only problem that brings us a deep-rooted sense of conflict is that everything is so pretty -- who could possibly want to destroy anything so gorgeous by biting into it? Back when these treats were on the rise, one Instagram blogger who inspired others to attempt the "Nebula doughnuts" told People that the most difficult part about making them at home is simply "working with the appropriate colors and saturation of those colors .... It's very similar to painting."

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In any case, if you can bring yourself to bite into these edible works of art after you've made them (or even bought them), you'll want to know all of your options (and trust us -- there are quite a few).  

The OG doughnuts are simply inescapable and the best alternative to your plain-Jane glaze. 

And another intergalactic batch of donuts, from blogger So Beautifully Raw:



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For those who'd prefer to share their work with others, you can always feast upon a full-on galaxy cake.

Ð�ак Ñ�оÑ�оÑ�о, Ñ�Ñ�о лÑ�ди, Ñ� коÑ�оÑ�Ñ�ми мне пÑ�иÑ�одилоÑ�Ñ� обÑ�аÑ�Ñ�Ñ�Ñ� Ñ�Ñ�и два днÑ�, вÑ�Ñ�Ñ�еÑ�аÑ�Ñ�Ñ�Ñ� Ñ�аак Ñ�едко мне! Ð�Ñ�еленнаÑ�, благодаÑ�Ñ� за Ñ�Ñ�о!!! УÑ�а, на завÑ�Ñ�а еÑ�Ñ�Ñ� Ñ�вободнÑ�й Ñ�оÑ�Ñ�ð��° Ð�иÑ�ем в воÑ�Ñ�апð�¤ï¿½ð��� It is so nice that people whom I had to communicate these two days I meet soo rarely! Universe, thank you for this!!!

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Orrrrr, in keeping with the times -- CUPCAKES!

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However, if you're anything like us and literally boycott before you allow yourself to eat something that looks the gorgeous, then perhaps you'd rather take the makeup approach. Somehow we feel that washing it off your face would be slightly less heartbreaking. 

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Or, you can opt for the full works with this above-the-boob body mural -- if that's your style. 

Back when I did galaxy makeup! I wanna do a new version soon :) #galaxy #galaxymakeup #nebula #galaticbitch

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At this moment it seems quite appropriate to thank our lucky stars for this galactic trend, as it just might be one of our favorites. Amiright?

Image via cocomamas/Instragram

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