13 Trader Joe's Foods You Have to Try This Fall

Regan Stephens | Sep 19, 2016 Food & Party
13 Trader Joe's Foods You Have to Try This Fall

Don't let the ninety-degree temperatures fool you. Summer is winding down and with the start of fall comes so many of our favorite things: wooly sweaters, decorative gourds, not perpetually sweating. And, of course, the bounty of seasonal foods at Trader Joe's. Every year, the popular grocery store brings back our old fall favorites and wows us with some intriguing new treats.

While the autumnal lineup is still rolling in, let's pause to revel in the foods we spend all year waiting to come back around (full disclosure: most of them are some shade of orange and include pumpkin). Check out all of the Trader Joe's seasonal staples making it into our grocery carts this fall, and stock up before Pumpkin Season fades and Peppermint Season is upon us.


Images via Trader Joe's

  • Pumpkin Ice Cream

    Image via Trader Joe's

    Add this softened ice cream — blended with 30 percent pumpkin puree — to a graham cracker crust and refreeze. Top with whipped cream and for an upgraded ice cream pumpkin pie.

  • Honey Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli

    Image via Trader Joe's

    In varieties like Lobster or Goat Cheese and Sundried Tomato, the Trader Joe's selection of fresh ravioli always impresses, and the Honey Roasted Pumpkin is no exception.

    Honey and molasses roasted pumpkin-filled squares take just a few minutes to make, and with a simple sauce of melted butter and a shaving of Parmesan, dinner is served.

  • Harvest Blend Salad

    Image via Trader Joe's

    A base of baby spinach and kale gets the welcome addition of pumpkin seeds, shaved broccoli and cauliflower, pumpkin cornbread croutons, and a pumpkin vinaigrette. It's the season's hottest bagged salad.

  • Pumpkin Bread & Muffin Mix


    We know someone who loves this mix so much, she buys it in bulk and whips up batches of pumpkin and walnut muffins long after it's seasonally appropriate. (It's me, no shame.)

  • Pumpkin Cornbread

    Image via Trader Joe's

    Here's an example of a product you didn't know you needed in your life until Trader Joe's so helpfully offered it. On crisp fall days, bake a batch to accompany soup or chili, and bonus points if it's pumpkin chili.

  • Apple Pie Cheddar Cheese

    Image via Trader Joe's

    One of TJ's new fall offerings may sound strange at first, but have you ever tried a slice of cheddar cheese on top of a piece of apple pie? It's one of those combos that shouldn't work but does.

    We're definitely open tasting this playful new cheddar — combined with chopped apples boiled in apple cider and spices — on football game days and get-togethers throughout the season.

  • Pumpkin Butter

    Image via Trader Joe's

    Just try not adding this delightful spread to anything edible. Smooth it on warm pumpkin bread and waffles, or pair with peanut butter for a seasonal twist on the classic. (We'll see you in December, grape jelly.)

  • Frozen Pumpkin Waffles

    Image via Trader Joe's

    The box features a stack of toasty-looking waffles, drizzled with syrup and topped with a generous scoop of whipped cream and a sprinkling of chopped pecans. For best results, we suggest you follow the serving suggestion as accurately as possible.

  • Ginger Pumpkin Mini Mouthfuls

    Image via Trader Joe's

    Two spicy little gingersnap cookies hold a perfect scoop of pumpkin ice cream, ingeniously combining two of fall's best offerings.

  • Organic Butternut Squash Soup


    Not everything in our pantry needs to be pumpkin this season. (Just most things.) Made with autumn's other gourd, this rich and creamy soup makes for a simple dinner (paired with grilled cheese, even better), or heat up a mug in the microwave for a healthy afternoon snack.

  • Pumpkin Rolls


    These ready-to-bake treats are autumn's answer to cinnamon rolls. Hot and drizzled with pumpkin spice icing, they're worth getting out of bed for on chilly fall mornings.

  • Pumpkin Joe-Joe’s


    These pumpkin sandwich cookies with pumpkin cream filling were made for after-school snack time, paired with a cold glass of milk. Or go crazy and crumble one on top of a bowl of (pumpkin) ice cream.

  • Pumpkin Cranberry Crisps


    Trader Joe's offers several varieties of these delicious crackers -- the latest is mango and ginger and definitely on our list to try. But Pumpkin Cranberry is a festive addition to a Thanksgiving cheese plate, or just a late night snack.

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