13 Trader Joe's Foods You Have to Try This Fall

Don't let the ninety-degree temperatures fool you. Summer is winding down and with the start of fall comes so many of our favorite things: wooly sweaters, decorative gourds, not perpetually sweating. And, of course, the bounty of seasonal foods at Trader Joe's. Every year, the popular grocery store brings back our old fall favorites and wows us with some intriguing new treats.


While the autumnal lineup is still rolling in, let's pause to revel in the foods we spend all year waiting to come back around (full disclosure: most of them are some shade of orange and include pumpkin). Check out all of the Trader Joe's seasonal staples making it into our grocery carts this fall, and stock up before Pumpkin Season fades and Peppermint Season is upon us.


Images via Trader Joe's

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