10 Ways to Eat Gluten-Free at Your Fave Fast Food Chains

Courtney Leiva | Sep 12, 2016 Food & Party

With the meteoric popularity of gluten-free diets, fast food chains are scrambling to catch up and revamp their decidedly gluten-laden menu options.

And though that's great news to people with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, a word of caution: Most restaurants can't guarantee that items are prepared in a celiac-safe environment, as cross-contamination can -- and does -- happen.

The best bet is to be crystal clear when ordering and researching a chain's ingredient list beforehand, going in by knowing the risks. And if you're looking for healthier options (that don't just include taking buns), we've rounded up some of our favorite GF options. 


Image via iStock.com/Michael Phillips

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