This Coffee Truck in a School Drop-Off Line Is This Year's Yoga Pants

Caffe Ole coffee truck
Any parent who is able to get the kids dressed, fed, and out the door on time for school deserves a treat -- and by that, we mean a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. Recognizing the transformative power of a good cup of joe, a North Carolina couple is making the school drop-off line a lot more palatable thanks to their coffee truck. 


Heather and Gabriel Rael are delighted -- and surprised -- that their new business venture, Caffe Ole, has been met with such enthusiasm. (Hmmm ... maybe all that caffeine has something to do with it.) 

"We are shocked at the amount of attention our little trailer has been getting," Heather told CafeMom. "We just wanted to do something that fit into our schedule, and like to sell something that we both enjoy ourselves." 

Though they've only been in business two weeks, Caffe Ole has already been featured on Today Parents after an excited mom shared this unexpected bit of back-to-school bliss on her Facebook page.

caffe ole coffee truck

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A former teacher, Heather knows firsthand how a great cup of coffee can help get the day off to a good start.

"I taught third grade and kindergarten in Bosque Farms, New Mexico, before we moved to North Carolina in 2011," Heather explained. "I then taught fourth grade in Morrisville, North Carolina, for two years. I stopped teaching after our second child was born and I had the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom."

Before opening Caffe Ole, Heather had been pursuing a career in real estate to enjoy a bit more flexibility and be home with her growing family. Wanting to open their own business, she and Gabriel had been considering a range of entrepreneurial opportunities before settling on the now-famous coffee truck. 

"We had considered doing a skate and surf shop, as well as brick-and-mortar ice cream and coffee shops," Gabriel said. "Heather was concerned with the investment commitment required to get a brick-and-mortar shop up and running and to keep it going. We ended up doing the coffee trailer because it allows us to be as flexible as we want to be."

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And, making it a true family affair, guess who's heading up Caffe Ole's advertising division? The Raels' 9-year-old daughter! The fourth grader is busy talking up the new business. And, seriously, who can refuse a cute kid who's selling java? (Not us!)

"She's our little marketing wiz and is spreading the word to all the teachers and parents at the school for us," Heather noted. "Best part is she works for smoothies. She likes seeing a bunch of her friends and teachers come up to the window before she has to go into the school."

caffe ole coffee truck

While the Raels (and probably parents all over North Carolina) would like to see Caffe Ole expand, they recognize that town and county regulations prevent food trucks from parking on public property, except when invited to specially sanctioned events. So, for now, they're thrilled that The Expedition School (TES), a charter school built in an old mill, has welcomed them with open arms. 

"We were able to work with the directors of the school and owner of the property to get permission in order to obtain the necessary town permits for the spot. We just want to thank everyone at TES for all of their support. We love our school community," explained Gabriel, who added, "We may consider expanding our operations a bit down the road if things continue to grow." 

That's music to our ears. Who wouldn't love to see a coffee truck not only at school drop-off (and pick-up, please) but also at sporting events and playgrounds? Seriously, why should kids and their ice cream trucks have all the fun?

We wish the Raels all the best in their new endeavor and hope it inspires other would-be entrepreneurs to follow their dreams -- especially if they're coffee-flavored.

Images via Gabriel & Heather Rael

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