This Is Not a Drill: PSL Season Is Here

If there's an obsessive Game of Thrones fan in your circle of friends, their constant quoting of the dire catchphrase about winter coming can get a bit, well, old. But for pumpkin spice lovers, the idea that fall is coming is a thing to not only celebrate, but to also shout from the rafters.


Why, you may ask? Because pumpkin spice latte, that's why (even though the current scorching temperatures don't really make us feel wistful for cozy wool sweaters). 

Though Starbucks is notoriously tight-lipped about when exactly the perfectly spiced autumnal beverage will be hitting stores this fall, it came down from heaven and into a humble paper cup on September 8 of last year.

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But just because you'll have to wait until (we assume) September to get your Starbucks PSL fix doesn't mean you can't down seasonably inappropriate drinks now.

Some Dunkin' Donuts locations around the US have already added pumpkin spice donuts and lattes to their menu -- in August, people! -- beating out the McDonald's revamp of the drink, the first time it's been available in three years. 

The humble latte was created in 2003, and for the last decade plus, it has been a craze on par with cronuts or Serial, in that people just won't shut up about them. Sure, we love a good PSL as much as the next person, but there are those, like Last Week Tonight's John Oliver, who think the coffee drink is really just "coffee that tastes like a candle."

No matter how you feel about the drink (and everybody has an opinion on it), we're sure the lines will be out the door when PSL season finally arrives.


Image via Starbucks

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