This Black Widow Cocktail Proves It's Never Too Early to Embrace Halloween Spirits

Black Widow Cocktail Here's some scary news: Halloween is actually right around the corner. (Perhaps you've noticed the mountains of candy rising up at your local grocery stores.) So, it's not a moment too soon to start thinking about which beverages you'll add to your cauldron this fall. Here's a tasty Black Widow cocktail, made with a blackberries, that's the perfect elixir for transitioning from summertime to the cooler weather months. 


Beware: This drink is so bewitching, it may just cast a spell over you and you'll find yourself making it year-round. 

Bobby at Evermine, who created this drink, finds the combination of blackberries and vodka deliciously refreshing and we couldn't agree more. 

black Widow Cocktail

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With blackberries in season, now is the ideal time to start experimenting! 

Visit Evermine to view this Black Widow Cocktail recipe in its entirety.


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