11 Easy Breakfasts Your Kids Can Make So You Don't Have To

Liz Alterman | Aug 23, 2016 Food & Party
11 Easy Breakfasts Your Kids Can Make So You Don't Have To

Breakfast kids can make themselvesSleeping in on the weekends is a luxury that most parents say sayonara to the second the kiddos come along. And if those kids are bored, hungry, or both, those pleas to get out of bed become even more desperate. But what if kids could make breakfast all by themselves?

These super-simple recipes offer a healthy, tasty start to the day. Plus, they're so much fun to make they'll keep the mini-chefs busy and entertained, so that maybe they'll be inspired to help you out at dinnertime, too.

They're also ideal for those mornings when you've got a million other things to do and could benefit from a little extra zzzz's. And some of the recipes require the kids to prep the night before, meaning a stress-free morning. So go on, enjoy your bed or that shower a little longer this morning, because you deserve it!


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  • Apple Fruit Donuts


    Okay, so these might not be the healthiest start to the day but they sure are cute and a bit better for you than straight-up donuts. A mom can at least feel good about that!

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  • Healthy Banana Split


    While it might look like dessert, that's actually a banana decorated with granola and fruit. You've probably been serving something similar in a bowl for years. This just proves that presentation really is everything. Plus, the kids will have a ball building their breakfast. 

  • Nutella & Banana Sushi


    Sushi for breakfast might sound gross and the polar-opposite of kid-friendly if it weren't made with Nutella and bananas. Kids will love rolling these up and slicing them -- with a plastic knife or pizza slicer, of course. 

  • Wise Owl


    Who wouldn't want to start the day with this wise guy? Use a bagel, muffin, or slice of bread as a base and add the nut butter of your choice. 

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  • Fruit Tacos


    These colorful fruit tacos are as pretty as a picture. By offering kids a wide selection of berries and grapes, you're sure to get them to eat something nutritious. 

  • Overnight Oats


    Kids can actually get crackin' on this dish the night before and wake up to a coconut-y treat. Greek yogurt, coconut, chia seeds, and the fruit of your choice make this a tempting dish the whole family will crave. 

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  • On-the-Go Parfaits


    The kids will be nice and busy layering up those berries, corn flakes, and Greek yogurt to create the perfect parfait. If you're in a run to a school or a sporting event, that's all the more reason to have the kids pack their own and you're out the door in a flash.

  • Chia Pudding


    If you've got a little one who is dairy or gluten-intolerant, give this simple and tasty breakfast a try. Cinnamon and banana are delicious together and kids will love seeing how chia works its magic to transform a few unlikely ingredients into a delicious pudding. 

  • Breakfast Pizza


    Provided kids can use the toaster safely, this is a fun alternative to your usual toppings of pepperoni and cheese. Turning an ordinary waffle into a "pizza," garnished with strawberries, bananas, and nut butter, is a delicious way to start the day.

  • Fruit Kabobs


    All you need to do is slice up fruit ahead of time and then let those little early birds thread their skewers. If possible, try to find ones with rounded plastic tips to avoid kids' poking themselves. Yogurt makes a fun dipping sauce. 

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  • Overnight Banana Bread


    Just like picking out an outfit the night before, kids can whip up this healthy "bread" in a jar ahead of time. It's so much fun to put together, they'll think of it as a delicious science experiment! Who doesn't love waking up to a ready-made meal?

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