11 Scrumptious-Looking Poke Bowls You Can Make at Home

Maressa Brown | Aug 16, 2016 Food & Party

poke bowlThe poke (pronounced poh-kay) bowl is so trendy rn. The traditional Hawaiian dish is usually made with raw fish (kinda like ceviche) over sushi rice or kelp noodles or seaweed salad and mixed with a smattering of wow-worthy toppings from shredded coconut to sesame seeds or avocado.

"Poke" actually means to slice or cut, which makes perfect sense because loading up your bowl with sliced, diced, cut-up, and chopped toppings is the fastest way to build a tasty poke bowl.

Here, are 11 gorgeous and delicious-looking versions of the bowl for DIY inspiration.


Image via aribruse/Instagram

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