15 Grocery Lists That Make Shopping a Total Laughing Matter

Most of us have ongoing grocery lists that look pretty similar from week to week. Bread? Check. Bananas again? Of course. Wait, we're already out of milk?! But every now and then, an unexpected item pops up on a shopping list to make your trip to the store a bit more entertaining -- whether it's an addition from a creative little one who just learned how to write or a slightly sarcastic suggestion from a not-so-slightly sarcastic teen.

And then, of course, there are the spelling catastrophes that turn otherwise unfunny items into comedy gold (if only pen and paper came with spell-check!).

Click through to see some truly hilarious grocery lists -- you'll definitely smile the next time you're heading out to restock the fridge!


Image via mykidshijackedmylife/Instagram

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