14 Easy Vegetarian Breakfasts for Those Mornings When You Just Can't

Caroline Olney | Aug 11, 2016 Food & Party

When we think "quick and easy breakfast," our brains usually shoot straight toward Pop-Tarts or just-add-water oatmeal or other pre-packaged stuff that, while delicious, isn't that great for our bodies. But we're learning (slowly) that a quick breakfast doesn't have to come pre-wrapped or bursting with sugar, and healthy Instagrammers have really been our guiding stars during this journey.

All of these meals are, first and foremost, vegetarian. They also all either a) require very little time to make, b) require very few ingredients to make, or c) both. They're so easy, we whipped a few up just while you were reading this. Seriously. Try them for yourself.


Image via iStock.com/lisaaMC