Blueberry Mint Moscow Mule Kicks Off Your Summer Weekend in Style

Blueberry Mint Moscow MuleWith summer coming to a rapid close, you may find yourself wanting to enjoy every last second. If part of that includes sipping summery cocktails on your front porch or back deck, let me introduce you to our new favorite beverage: the Blueberry Mint Moscow Mule. 


Admit it, you've been dying for an excuse to purchase those gorgeous copper mugs. Here's your chance!

Barbara of Creative Culinary shares her simple yet superb recipe for this sweet and refreshing summertime treat that's topped with ginger beer. Yum. 

Blueberry Mint Moscow Mule

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Though it may sound complicated, creating this blueberry simple syrup is exactly that -- simple. Sure, you'll need to give it a bit of time to chill in the fridge, but other than doing a little math to make sure it's ready for happy hour, putting this colorful cocktail together couldn't be easier. 

If you've just gone blueberry picking, this is the ultimate way to put those luscious berries to good use. (Sorry, muffins, you're on the back burner this weekend!) 

Visit Creative Culinary to view this Blueberry Mint Moscow Mule recipe in its entirety.


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