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11 Wine-Infused Desserts Because Wine O'Clock Should Be Always

Food & Party Liz Alterman Jul 21, 2016

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If desserts made with wine sounds a little bit like having your cake and eating it too, it's because it is. Whether you add your favorite vino to ice cream or use it to create a luscious topping, the possibilities are endless -- and delicious.

Not only does wine bring out the flavor of other ingredients, but it lends its gorgeous color as well. If you're looking to wow your guests with a stunning (and surprising) dessert, try one of these recipes and wait for the compliments to roll in.



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2Red Wine Brownies

Red Wine Brownies -- just those words alone will have your mouth watering! And the recipe couldn't be simpler: Just replace water with wine in your boxed mix instructions and you're good to go.

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3No-Churn Red Wine Strawberry & Salted Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

No-Churn Red Wine Strawberry & Salted Dark Chocolate Ice Cream is another grown-up treat. Shannon of Pass Me Some Tasty was inspired to make this recipe when she caught her mother-in-law sneaking a little wine into her frosty treat. Definitely one to pass down to new generations!

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4Chocolate Wine Cupcakes With Wine Frosting

These Chocolate Wine Cupcakes With Wine Frosting are almost too pretty to eat. The crew at Mountain View Vineyards came up with the luscious recipe that would be perfect for the holidays.

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6Wine-Infused Strawberries

Just as the website implies, these Wine-Infused Strawberries are Totally the Bomb. The pipette tubes add an extra something special. This recipe looks perfect for Valentine's Day, too!

Image via sweetandsavorybyshinee.com

7Cheesecake Bars With Wine Gelee

These Cheesecake Bars With Wine Gelee, created by Shinee of Sweet & Savory by Shinee, are a gorgeous treat that are the ultimate make-ahead dessert. They're rich and delicious and friends will think you picked them up at a fancy bakery, they're that attractive. 

8Riesling Gelee With Strawberry Conserve

These Riesling Gelee With Strawberry Conserve desserts are almost too pretty to eat! If you're having a summer dinner party for grown-ups, this dessert will leave your guests with something special to talk about for days after.

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#winedessert vanilla ice cream with a slash of moscato and blueberries. .. hmm must try #summerdessert

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9Vanilla Ice Cream With Moscato & Blueberries

Put this red, white, and blue recipe on your summer holiday menu. This Vanilla Ice Cream With Moscato & Blueberries makes a stunning presentation in a stemmed or highball glass. What a refreshing ending to a warm day. And it couldn't be simpler to make!

10Dark Chocolate Zinfandel Ice Cream

If you're entertaining chocolate lovers this summer, you'll want to serve up this decadent dessert that's sure to delight all who sample it. Ask if anyone can guess the secret ingredient -- we have a feeling no one will come up with zinfandel. 

Enjoying the last of red wine poached pear tart. You've got to try it! ❤️🍷🍐 Recipe from @davidlebovitz

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11Red Wine Poached Pear Tart

This Red Wine Poached Pear Tart may seem like a labor of love, but reviewers say it's definitely worth the effort. This presentation is definitely a showstopper. 

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