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12 Disney Princess Cakes for Making Birthday Dreams Come True

disney princess cake

Your child is so obsessed with Disney princesses that you find yourself humming the Little Mermaid theme song even when you're alone. So naturally when a birthday arrives, the main request will inevitably include a Disney princess–themed cake. NBD, right?

Okay, so maybe budget allows for a showstopping, professionally done confection. Awesome. Go for it! But for parents who like to DIY their own versions, just take a look at some of our favorite Disney princess cake inspiration.


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3Belle of the Ball

We can’t get over the clever cake skirt in this Beauty and the Beast–themed cake. While the top is all doll and the bottom is tasty cake, this clever method makes it easy to create a princess without shaping her face out of fondant. You can apply the same method to different princesses. 

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5Lovely Layers

If your little one can’t bring herself to choose just one Disney princess, here’s a clever way to include all of her favorites. Devote a layer to each princess. Adjusting the frosting colors accordingly helps sets the specific mood. 

6Color Wonder

Isn’t it amazing how certain colors call to mind our favorite Disney princesses? Without even seeing a picture or figurine, the combination of light purple, turquoise, and gold immediately makes you think of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. So don’t forget the colors you choose are just as important as any symbols.

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7Sew Cute

The quilted base of this cake, accented with mini pearls, just screams royalty. This Sofia the First princess cake uses simple-cut fondant shapes and specific colors to say princess while also showing the character. 

8Disney Details

Butterflies, whimsical flower shapes, and even the Disney font makes this princess cake a standout. Plus, the multiple layers means it can feed a ton of birthday party guests. 

9A Royal Touch

If you’re feeling confident with fondant, might we suggest this adorable design with the faces of your little one’s favorite Disney princesses? The lettering and ruffles on the bottom are sweet details too. 

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12Snow Getter

Frozen offers up a perfect cake theme; the white icing details like icicles, snow banks, and snowmen are easier to execute (plus you don’t need to worry about getting the color right). Adding on a few of the main characters completes the look. 

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