13 Wonderful Ways to Get More Avocado in Your Life

13 Wonderful Ways to Get More Avocado in Your Life

We're not sure when the Internet's casual avocado obsession started, but we do know it's well deserved: Avocados are dreamy and creamy, and they're full of fats and nutrients that are good for your bod inside and out. We'd bathe in straight avocado if we could. 

Sadly, that's slightly left of a real possibility, but we can use avocados in a million other ways. Here are our favorite ways to include avocado in our beauty and food recipes -- some are simple and some are strange, but all make us feel like a Gwyneth Paltrow–level green goddess.


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  • Avocado & Honey Ice Cream


    Ice cream is usually loaded down with unhealthy fats from cream and milk, so by swapping those ingredients out with avocado, Healing and Eating landed on the perfect, healthy alternative. Her Avocado Honey Ice Cream also uses honey in place of sugar, giving it all the sweet and none of the sin.

  • Chocolate & Avocado Macarons


    File this one under recipes we never thought could exist: Raspberri Cupcakes created these Chocolate and Avocado Macarons, and as weird as it sounds, they totally work. The crispy shells are chocolatey and light, and the avocado filling is whipped with icing sugar to push it solidly into dessert territory. So, yes. Weird. But also wonderful.

  • All-Natural Avocado Face Mask


    Image via sugarandcloth.com

    Sugar & Cloth's Avocado Face Mask is step three in her three-part all-natural facial regimen, and it's easily our favorite. It only has two simple ingredients so it's easy on your skin (and easy to make), but the vitamins and folic acid in the avocado help hydrate skin and battle sun damage and wrinkles.

  • Vegan Blueberry Muffins


    Image via averiecooks.com

    In vegan baking, finding a butter substitute that's as oily and fatty as the original is a tough ask. Bananas can do the trick, but often leave a strong banana flavor to everything they touch. Averie Cooks didn't want that in her Vegan Blueberry Muffins, so she turned to avocado instead. And boy, did it work. One ripe avocado replaces all the butter and almost all of the oil in a traditional muffin recipe while leaving the dense springiness we love, and you can't see or taste it in the end. 

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  • Avocado Vanilla Bean Smoothie


    Image via howsweeteats.com

    A good smoothie base adds bulk and creaminess without overwhelming the flavor, and surprisingly, this can be hard to find. Banana is a popular go-to, but How Sweet Eats found that avocado does the job just as nicely. Her Avocado Vanilla Bean Smoothie actually uses a little bit of both, making it even thicker and milk shake–like than we originally dreamed. Salt (yes, salt) and vanilla bean paste enhance and mature the flavors in the base, giving this smoothie the complexity we crave.

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Avocado Pudding


    Image via minimalistbaker.com

    Minimalist Baker's Chocolate Peanut Butter Avocado Pudding is honestly healthy enough to be considered breakfast (or lunch or dinner, whatever) -- it gets its thickness from peanut butter, banana, and, of course, avocado, and its sweetness from almond milk and dates, so it's 100 percent guilt-free. It's also as easy as mixing it all together, which means you can skip the double boiler sorcery you usually have to attempt for pudding. We'll take this, we think.

  • Avocado Pit Facial Scrub


    Image via iStock.com/guvendemir

    Normally, we'll toss an an avocado pit into the compost without thinking twice. But then we learned that they have just as many -- if not more -- health points than the flesh itself. Though some experts warn against eating them, citing a shortage of research on safety, chopping them up and turning them into an exfoliating facial scrub is a good (and safe!) way to get at least some of the health benefits. Plus, it's easy. And fun. YouTuber Dulce Candy has the avocado pit scrub how-to.

  • Avocado Pie


    With a grand total of three ingredients in the body, How About Orange's Avocado Pie easily slips to the top of the list of easiest recipes on the list. It's heavy on the lemon juice and that comes out as the dominant flavor -- the avocado is mostly there to be healthy, dense, and green.

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  • DIY Lip Gloss


    Image via spoonforkbacon.com

    This DIY Lip Gloss from Spoon Fork Bacon technically uses avocado oil instead of the flesh, skin, or pit you're used to seeing, but the oil is actually pretty easy to extract yourself. Once you have it (or buy it, whatever), these glosses and chap sticks whip up in a quick minute, and will moisturize the bejeezus out of whoever's lips you gift them too.

  • Avocado Dip or Dressing


    Spend With Pennies's Avocado Dip or Dressing is, by nature, super flexible. It goes from dip to dressing with just a little extra buttermilk, but either choice is creamy and packed with punchy cumin and fresh cilantro for a truly delightful addition to any salad/chip bowl.

  • Elevated Avocado Toast


    So, no. Avocado toast is no new thing. But you've never seen avocado toast like Artful Desperado's Elevated Avocado Toast. It deserves a spot for the poached egg plopped on top alone, and we haven't even talked about the rosemary chimichurri -- it's got the texture of pesto, the bold flavor of rosemary, and all the spiciness half a serrano chili can add.

  • Coconut Avocado Popsicles


    For this version of her famous Coconut Avocado PopsiclesThe Little Eipcurean used coconut milk and honey to get that pure, tropical coconut flavor. You can sub the honey for a little sweetened condensed milk for an extra decadent sweetness to the pops, but honestly, they don't really need it. With a chocolate coconut shell, these are juuuust sweet enough -- mostly, though, they're the light and refreshing treat we need this summer.

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  • Avocado Margaritas


    Image via gimmesomeoven.com

    Any ingredient's "best uses" list must include alcohol at some point, right? It seemed like an impossible task for an avocado list, but Gimme Some Oven gave us hope with her Avocado Margaritas recipe. The smooth avocado tones down some of the kick you typically get in a marg, and it gives it a rare creaminess we love. Plus, the salt rim does wonders for the avocado flavor, making this a summertime fave.

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