14 Camping Birthday Party Ideas for Little Campers at Heart

Tanvier Peart | Jun 10, 2016 Food & Party
14 Camping Birthday Party Ideas for Little Campers at Heart

Camping-themed birthday party by Delineate Your Dwelling

With tons of birthday party ideas flooding Pinterest boards, it can be hard for a parent to choose the right one for their child. One option you might consider this summer is a camping birthday party -- you can host a really fun one in your backyard or bring the great outdoors vibe inside, too.

Camping parties are tons of fun that allow for fun games, crafts, and endless amounts of yummy edibles. So ready those marshmallows and dust off that compass. Here are some fun ideas to include at your child's camp-inspired birthday party.

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Image via Delineate Your Dwelling

  • Gummy Bait


    Image via Northstory

    Alex from Northstory has one of the cutest DIY projects that will make your kid's camping party a hit. (After all, who doesn't love fishing?) This Gummy Worm Fishing Display is cute, and more importantly, edible.

  • Camping Style


    Camping-themed birthdays aren't hard to style. In fact, there's probably a very good chance you have centerpiece goodies already in your home. For her Camping Birthday Decor, Amy of Delineate Your Dwelling styled her cake table with lantern, water canteen, and compass props. She even added a paper tent and trees to a store-bought cake, which she displayed on a sliced log slab. 

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  • Worms in Dirt


    Did someone say we're going to eat Worms in Dirt? (Ewww.) Truth be told, it's actually not that bad -- provided you're eating gummy worms and cookie crumbs. Thanks, Elisa of Just Everyday Miracles, for the idea!

  • "Don't Feed the Bears"


    Hopefully you saved all of your kiddo's stuffed animals for a "Don't Feed the Bears" display. This has seriously got to be one of the cutest DIY projects from Paper and Party Love, and it won't make you break a sweat.

  • Scavenger Hunt


    Image via etsy.com

    All great parties need a fun game, and this Scavenger Hunt ($5, PartySociety/etsy.com) will certainly do the trick. Print a few of these babies out, place them on paper bags, and give the kiddos time to go searching for the items on the card.

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  • S'more Pops


    Image via Betty Crocker

    If you've ever been camping there's a good chance you enjoyed a s'more. Made of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate, this is a very tasty campfire treat. And now, you can bring the yumminess to your child's birthday by whipping up some S'more Pops.

  • Camp Kits


    Image via etsy.com

    These little Camp Kits ($35 for 10, Pink Lemonade Party Shop/etsy.com) can be used as favors you gift to little guests for attending your party or, for a more practical option, for the treats you serve. Fill up the small baskets with fun items you would use on a camping trip -- like ingredients to make s'mores, bottled water, and eating utensils. You can even have them personalized. 

  • Teepee Dirt Cups


    Do you really need a reason to put more desserts on the table? (The answer is no.) Jenae from I Can Teach My Child made these uber yummy Teepee Dirt Cups that bring the chocolate and crunch in every bite. Come on, they're pretty cute!

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  • Printable Camping Decorations


    Image via etsy.com

    Whether you're short on time or want instant decor that you can personalize, printable decorations are a good way to go. Keep your eyes peeled for instant download party supplies like these Printable Camping Party Kits ($20, Sunshine Parties/etsy.com) that will transform your kid's ordinary birthday into the ultimate campground.

  • 'Lake Water'


    Image via 'Tis Our Life

    In keeping with the camping theme (and the great outdoors), a super fun way to display juice is with a self-serve container labeled "Lake Water." Brylee from 'Tis Our Life came up with this idea for a birthday party that was likely a hit.

  • Grill Cupcakes


    Image via Frugal Mom Eh!

    Every awesome birthday needs some sweet treats, and these Grill Cupcakes from Elizabeth at Frugal Mom Eh! will hit the spot. Make these for your camping party, and you'll earn your baking badge.

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  • DIY Campfire Cones


    Image via Tanvier Peart

    Campfire Cones are the ultimate camping treat and the perfect DIY dessert for a birthday party. Equip guests with ice cream cones they can stuff with their favorite treats -- including chocolates, candies, marshmallows, and even fruit. Once full, wrap them in tin foil and put them in the oven (or on the BBQ) for a few minutes. The end result is divine!

  • Fish 'n' Rods


    Image via Dukes & Duchesses

    What camping adventure would be complete without a some fresh fish off the rod? No worries if anyone is allergic to seafood. Randi from Dukes & Duchesses created this fun Fish 'n' Rods snack for little birthday guests to enjoy at a camping-inspired party.

  • S'More Favor Bags


    Image via etsy.com

    As the party starts to wind down, send your child's guests on their way with a memorable favor. These S'mores Camping Favor Bags ($8 and up, ScrapendipityBags/etsy.com) stick with the camping theme and can be filled with sweet bites kids can take home.

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