8 Not-So-Easy Steps to Letting Someone Else Do the BBQing

who's working the BBQWhen the whole idea of a hosting a barbecue comes up, there's something about it that sounds so cool and casual. But in reality, there's one person who's doing most of the work -- and it's not the grill-master!


From buying all the barbecue staples and sides to getting those drinks on ice, there's a lot more to hosting a cookout than just making sure you've got enough charcoal or propane. (But you might want to double-check those while you're at it!)

Even if your partner is proud to don the apron and flip those burgers and chicken, chances are Mom gets stuck with the bulk of the barbecue prep -- not to mention cleanup.

The following are just some of the harrowing tasks that go into making sure your barbecue isn't a bust.

Step 1. Hit the grocery store

Simply shopping for the barbecue and trying to remember all the condiments and ingredients for those tasty side dishes wears you out.

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Step 2. Straighten up the yard.

You'll probably need to cut the grass and dig out those lawn chair cushions. Don't forget to clean the picnic table while you're at it!

Step 3. Tidy up the house.

Yes, you're hoping your guests will just stay in the backyard, but you know someone's going to need to use the bathroom, so you'll have to clean the whole house after all. 

Step 4. Make sure your guests have everything they need.

While the rest of the family knows exactly where everything is kept, it seems Mom is the only one capable of finding the ketchup, mustard, relish, etc. Oh, she'll sleep well tonight after all that running back and forth!

Stage 5. Don't forget dessert.

Just because the main event takes place on the grill, that doesn't mean your guests are likely to skip dessert. You've got those pies and ice cream ready, right?

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Stage 6. Try to enjoy it.

Easier said than done! Find a quiet corner and eat quickly before someone else needs something!

Stage 7. Take a backseat to the grill-master.

Yes, Mom's done all the work, but look who's taking all the credit!

Stage 8. Accept reality.

Really, aside from opening the lid of the barbecue, this is really all your grill-master has done. Oh well. Try to remember this the next time you suggest hosting a barbecue!

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