The Most Popular Liquors by State -- What's Yours Drinking Most?

Caroline Olney | May 10, 2016 Food & Party

It's not really a secret that Americans like to drink, and, as of last year, it wasn't really a secret anymore than Americans generally prefer liquor over wine and beer. But according to data collected by the app BARTRENDr and analyzed by Business Insider, which bottle we pick off the shelf varies pretty strongly by state.

They found that we really, really like our whiskey, and, in general, our tastes could be a lot worse -- Fireball and Jack Daniels tied as the most popular choices, with 15 states each. Only two states chose vodka, and only two liked rum. Not sure what this says about us, but we'll take it. We guess.

The data came from the 700,00 users on BARTRENDr, a social drinking app that let Business Insider rake through their data in 2015. Because it's an app that generally seems targeted at millennial men, the picks might be skewed. You tell us: Does your state's choice sound right?


Image via Valentyn Volkov/Shutterstock


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