Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Box: Here's What Comes Inside

For all our dreams of being behind rustic, candle-lit, at-home bars, wooing our friends with perfectly muddled cocktails, we actually know very little about cocktail making. We also don't have candle-lit, at-home bars, but that'll wait. For now, we're focusing on the actual how-to cocktail part, and Shaker & Spoon is promising to help. And by "help," we mean send us everything we need and provide us with detailed instructions. It is, in a word, foolproof. Since we're cocktail fools, this sounds just about perfect.


The idea is that you, the aspiring cocktail-ologist, subscribe to Shaker & Spoon. Then, once a month, they, the cocktail experts, send you a box full of all the bitters, syrups, garnishes, and other flavors you need to create three fantastically flawless cocktails, all built off one common liquor that changes month to month. Recipe cards included, alcohol not.

But what, exactly, does that look like? We did the dirty digging so you know what you're signing up for. Here's what came in April's Amber Rum Box:


If you pay month-to-month, one box like ours costs $50. That breaks down to about $6.67 per drink, assuming you buy a $25 bottle of alcohol. You can save by going cheaper with the liquor, or by prepaying for three, six, or 12 months at once.

We're not sure when the last time we drank a $6.67 cocktail was, but it's probably somewhere around never. The next time we drink a $6.67 cocktail will be when we crack into our rum and shake and stir these cocktails together. Stay tuned for a full review!


Image via Shaker & Spoon

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