10 Tantalizing New Ice Cream Trends to Inspire a Tasty Summer Ahead

Coolhaus Ice Cream

Summer is right around the corner, and that inevitably means heat and a constant need to keep from perspiring into puddles. The age-old remedy for beating the summer heat has always been a good old scoop of ice cream (and splashing in water) -- that's just a fact of life. 

These 10 innovative ice cream shops have found a way to put a delectable new spin on everybody's favorite summer pastime -- ice cream eating! In fact, we're convinced you'll be craving ice cream more than ever, and some of these cold creations may even have you ready to ditch the kids for your own nostalgic summer night out -- just saying, they're that good.

And here's the best part: Many of them have online shops, so you can order these goodies right to your door. Yum!


Image via coolhaus/Instagram


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