11 Outrageously Scrumptious-Looking New Foods We Want to Eat Now

Remember when pastry chef extraordinaire Dominique Ansel unveiled the cronut? Half donut, half croissant, wholly delicious -- judging from the lines wrapped around his NYC bakery, the world had never seen such a mind-blowingly unique ring of culinary art. Once the carefully crafted hybrid dessert was unleashed on the food-loving masses, it seemed the floodgates opened, inspiring other talented culinary geniuses to follow suit with equally inventive, tasty treats.

These days we can’t open Instagram without spotting something that inspires Food Envy (an entirely real and powerful affliction). From over-the-top milkshakes to sushi burgers, check out all the new and intriguing foods we want to try. Warning: The following will induce Food Envy.


Images via @regan.stephens; @sherry_vu (2); @bigapplebites

  • Egg Waffles


    Image via @regan.stephens

    A Hong Kong street food (called gai daan jai), Egg Waffles have made their debut in the US to much fanfare. The soft, eggy snack is typically served hot and plain in China, but here it’s a vessel for ice cream, chocolate sauce, Nutella, Pocky, cereal, and various other sweet toppings. It's definitive proof that everything's better with ice cream on top.

  • Donut Ice Cream Cone


    Image via @bubblydesignco

    “Oh, you eat ice cream in a regular cone? Cool. We eat ours inside a donut.” This is what we’re imagining they say in Prague, home to the Chimney Blizzard -- i.e., a cone of sugary, fried dough piped with soft-serve ice cream. We’ll take two.

  • Sushi Burrito


    Image via @bigapplebites

    The Pokéritto (or Poké Burrito) from California’s Pokéworks is white rice and seaweed stuffed with Hawaiian poké (traditional raw fish salad). Packed with your choice of fruits and veggies like edamame, blanched kale, or diced mango, it’s a lighter lunch option. Perhaps one we’ll order to offset all the giant milkshakes and Twix spread we’re eating (you'll see what we mean shortly).

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  • Rolled Ice Cream


    Image via Sweet Charlie's

    Philly’s Sweet Charlie’s makes Thai-style ice cream rolls -- an ice cream base is poured onto an ultra-cold surface (they say −20 degrees) and toppings like fruit, cookies, and sauces are mixed in. They scrape the ice cream into little rolls, stuff them into a cup, and add more tasty treats for a sweet, entirely new way to consume ice cream.

  • Frozen S'Mores


    Image via @sherry_vu

    The sweet-genius creator of the cronut keeps cranking out crazy-delicious things we want to eat. One of his newest is the Frozen S’Mores -- an ice cream center, covered with a chocolate cookie wafer and all surrounded with a homemade marshmallow. Each one is roasted to order for a simultaneously freezing and fiery take on the campfire favorite.

  • Rainbow Bagel


    Image via @sherry_vu

    We didn’t think NYC could improve on their bagels, but it turns out, transforming them from beige to rainbow did the trick. Sure, it tastes the same as a regular bagel, but it’s rainbow. Enjoy it with Funfetti Birthday Cake Cream Cheese to start your day off right.

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  • Monster Shakes


    Image via @blacktapnyc

    Australia may have started the Monster Shake trend, but America has its own version now -- behold the Black Tap Shake, from the NYC burger spot of the same name. This beauty is the Sour Power, covered with a bevy of tart, rainbow-colored candies and a pixie stick, but they also offer Cotton Candy (complete with a Willy Wonka–sized lollipop and generous shock of spun sugar on top) and several other variations. Past offerings have included a slice of cake or pie on top, too, for those who prefer to eat all their daily calories in one sitting.

  • Twix Spread


    Image via Mars

    Move over, Nutella. Mars has introduced (to the lucky people of the UK for now) Twix in spread form. Made with the same elements as the candy bar, this delicious treat has chocolate, caramel, and cookie pieces combined in a smooth spread for topping toast, pretzels, cookies, or pretty much anything else that stays still long enough for us to cover it in this decadent dip.

  • Oddpocket Ice Cream Sandwich


    Image via @alicejchoi

    NYC’s Oddfellows dedicated one of their scoop shops to creating ice cream sandwiches, and their Oddpocket is a favorite. They add one of their distinctively yummy flavors (Chorizo Caramel Swirl, Miso Cherry, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Foie Gras, the list goes on and on) to a brioche bun and then -- wait for it -- heat it up in a panini press. They dip the gooey, melty result in sprinkles, cookies, cereal, or other toppings for a totally unique upgrade to the usual ice cream sandwich.

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  • Gold Donut


    Image via @manilasocialclub

    That’s real gold, friends. This purple yam (ube), mousse-filled donut with Cristal Champagne jelly, Cristal Champagne icing, edible 24K gold dust, and 24K gold leaf is the brainchild of Björn DelaCruz, owner of Manila Social Club in Brooklyn. It'll set you back $100, but you get to say you’ve eaten a $100 donut, and that’s worth the Instagram pics alone, right?

  • Sushi Burger


    Image via @sasachowdown

    Similar to the Ramen Burger (in which a burger patty is sandwiched between two packed-ramen noodle buns) the Sushi Burger uses rice in lieu of bread. Hailing from Japan (where else?), fast food franchise MOS Burger sells a version with fried chicken, seafood, or veggies, while in Australia the eponymous Sushi Burger has versions filled with raw salmon, fried chicken, or soft shell crab. We imagine a pressed-rice bun is tough to eat, but it would be fun to try.

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