11 Outrageously Scrumptious-Looking New Foods We Want to Eat Now

Remember when pastry chef extraordinaire Dominique Ansel unveiled the cronut? Half donut, half croissant, wholly delicious -- judging from the lines wrapped around his NYC bakery, the world had never seen such a mind-blowingly unique ring of culinary art. Once the carefully crafted hybrid dessert was unleashed on the food-loving masses, it seemed the floodgates opened, inspiring other talented culinary geniuses to follow suit with equally inventive, tasty treats.


These days we can’t open Instagram without spotting something that inspires Food Envy (an entirely real and powerful affliction). From over-the-top milkshakes to sushi burgers, check out all the new and intriguing foods we want to try. Warning: The following will induce Food Envy.


Images via @regan.stephens; @sherry_vu (2); @bigapplebites

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