Copycat Mongolian Beef Recipe Will Make You Happy to Stay Home

Mongolian beefEver want those delicious restaurant-quality flavors but not the hassle of actually leaving the house and waiting for a table? With the right recipe, dining in can be just as delicious. We found a sweet and spicy Mongolian beef recipe that's every bit as tasty as what you'd find at popular Asian-inspired chains.


"It’s easy to make at home and can be served over white rice for a meal that is sure to become a family favorite. And your kids will think you have suddenly developed restaurant chef skills," says Christin of Spicy Southern Kitchen, who created the recipe to avoid the long drive to her nearest P.F. Chang's.

Mongolian beef

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Who knew making this scrumptious dish was so simple? Having this recipe in your repertoire will save you time and money without sacrificing a bit of flavor!

Visit Spicy Southern Kitchen to view this Mongolian Beef recipe in its entirety.


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