15 Times Restaurants Served Food in Totally Weird Things (PHOTOS)

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  • Hats Off


    Image via /@WeWantPlates/Twitter

    Did the kitchen run out of baskets? Was the waiter looking for new and clever ways to show off his jaunty hatwear collection? And let's just hope nobody wore this hat before (or after) dinner. #BreadHead

  • Soup's On (Your Toes!)


    Image via /@WeWantPlates/Twitter

    See, we weren't kidding about the cream of mushroom soup-in-a-stiletto thing. No word on whether patrons get to wear their "bowls" home after dinner (though we're guessing you'd have to double up on apps in order to get a matched pair).

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  • Faux Float


    Image via /@WeWantPlates/Twitter

    Sure, at first glance this looks like a delicious root beer float -- but once you realize that's mashed potatoes on top instead of ice cream, things take a turn for the confusing. That's right, this is shepherd's pie ... in a mug. Ugh?

  • Branching Out


    Image via /@WeWantPlates/Twitter

    To be perfectly honest, we're as perplexed by the actual food in this pic as we are by the whimsical, woodsy presentation: What's in the tiny cones? Are those other things eggs? Edible rocks? We may never know.

  • Clipboard Charcuterie


    Image via  /@WeWantPlates/Twitter

    Because meat on a clipboard is one of the least appetizing things we can think of, we can only assume that this restaurant made a huge score at an office supplies sale. "We just saved hundreds on plates!!"

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  • What a Racket


    Image via /@WeWantPlates/Twitter

    These sporty plate substitutes probably don't do much to keep crumbs off the floor, but the tennis ball bottle holders are sort of adorable.

  • Oh My Galosh


    Image via /@WeWantPlates/Twitter

    What does a rain boot have in common with an ice bucket? Nothing as far as we can tell, which makes this wine bottle/wellie combo such a head-scratcher.

  • Bangers & Brains


    Image via /@WeWantPlates/Twitter

    Here's a tip for making sausage less than tempting: Stuff it into a skull to make it look like a bunch of messed-up brains. (Serve with LOTS of beer.)

  • Scale It Back


    Image via /@WeWantPlates/Twitter

    Does anybody really want to know how much their gigantic burger weighs before digging in? This just seems like bad marketing to us.

  • Tub Terror


    Image via anniemadrid/Instagram

    It's like Barbie had some kind of crazy foodie fantasy involving bathing in a tub filled with foie gras and mushroom risotto. Barbie, you so cray!!

  • Bottle Service


    Image via Vinayak B./Yelp

    Wine glasses are so, like, whatever. Wine glasses, pffft. Anybody can drink wine out of glasses. Drinking wine out of baby bottles, on the other hand? Only people who go to this restaurant can do that. (Actually, you could probably do it too -- but why??)

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  • Pumped Up Kicks


    Image via j_rho/Flickr

    Well, if we're gonna go crazy and eat soup out of stilettos (hmmm, isn't "soup in my stiletto" a line from a Katy Perry song??), we might as well eat stuff out of sneakers, too. That's just the kind of world we live in now, okay?

  • All Clogged Up


    Image via /@WeWantPlates/Twitter

    Seafood and clogs go together like ... go together like ... seafood and clogs. Which is to say, they don't technically go together at all.

  • Shovel It In


    Image via /@WeWantPlates/Twitter

    Funny thing: When you see something in a shovel, you kind of want to bury it, don't you? (More than you want to eat it, anyway.)

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