15 Times Restaurants Served Food in Totally Weird Things (PHOTOS)

soup in shoesMaybe you've heard of sipping champagne out of a stiletto, but cream of mushroom soup? Oddly enough, restaurants all over the world are serving food on and out of things that are definitely not plates or bowls; in fact, it's becoming so much of a trend that the backlash has spawned its own hashtag: #WeWantPlates!


We're not really sure when the restaurant world decided that regular old plates or glasses are suddenly too dull for the average diner, but these days you never know when your entrée or cocktail will show up in a shoe or some other random household item. In fact, we're not sure how we'd react if one of the, um, very original dishes featured in this slideshow showed up at our table!


Image via /@WeWantPlates/Twitter

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