Watermelon, Lime & Cucumber Cocktail Welcomes Spring in Style

Watermelon lime cucumber cocktailIf summertime had a flavor, it would probably be watermelon. If you're tired of waiting for the warm weather to roll around, you can get a jump on the season by mixing up one of these sweet and thirst-quenching Watermelon, Lime, and Cucumber cocktails.


What gives this beverage its "cool as a cucumber" flavor? Cucumber vodka, of course. Don't have any on hand? Not to worry!

"If you can’t find cucumber vodka, just add a couple of slices of cucumber when you muddle together the lime and watermelon; it should do the job nicely," notes Barbara of Creative Culinary, who devised the incredibly refreshing cocktail.

Watermelon lime cucumber cocktail

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If you've seen those mini-watermelons starting to pop up in your produce aisle, here's the perfect excuse to pick one up. Barbara says this drink is a great way to reward yourself after a day of gardening. We couldn't agree more!

Visit Creative Culinary to view this Watermelon, Lime, and Cucumber Cocktail recipe in its entirety.


Image via creative-culinary.com

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