Peach Martini With Raspberry Kicks Winter to the Curb

Peach Martini with Raspberry

Can't wait for spring? Neither can we! Aside from the warmer weather, who doesn't love all those delicious fruit flavors. Why wait? Mix up a Peach Martini With Raspberry cocktail and you'll feel the winter doldrums lift almost instantly.


Raspberry vodka makes this beverage even more delicious than it looks! Since you're using sparkling seltzer for this concoction, you'll need to shake and stir it, advises Taylor of Food Faith Fitness who created this colorful recipe.

Peach Martini with Raspberry

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Taylor rims her martini glasses with organic sugar cane for a little extra sweetness -- sounds amazing!

Visit Food Faith Family to view this Peach Martini With Raspberry cocktail recipe in its entirety.


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