15 Dreamy St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes We'd Chase Rainbows For

st patricks day cupcakes

We know St. Patrick's Day is for drinking, but for those of us celebrating with underage toddlers this year, we're thinking it might be best to hand out cupcakes over cocktails. That doesn't mean these treats have to be any less festive, though -- there are plenty of lucky green recipes out there to hold any folks over until they turn 21. In fact, we'd argue that some St. Patrick's Day–themed cupcakes look even better and more fun than their alcoholic counterparts. (Although we're not going to give a final verdict on which one we'd ultimately prefer ... )

From the bright, happy greens to the shimmering pots of gold, St. Patrick's Day's imagery provides some fantastic opportunities for incredible-looking cupcakes. How does someone not smile while biting into a cupcake that's topped with a colorful rainbow?!

And don't worry; green-colored desserts don't mean that everything is going to taste like mint (unless we want it to). Green food coloring will come in handy here -- we'll just need lots of it!

St. Patrick's Day–inspired cupcakes truly do run the festive gamut. They can be showstopping and complex, or they can be cute and simple! Either way, they're making us feel pretty lucky ...

For some seriously sweet St. Patrick's Day dessert inspiration, we gathered up some adorable St. Patrick's Day cupcake ideas and recipes.


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