Copycat Barbacoa Recipe Will Transform Taco Night

Copycat Chipotle BarbacoaIf you have been steering clear of Chipotle lately but are desperately missing the taste of barbacoa, you're in luck. Ali of Gimme Some Oven has shared her copycat barbacoa beef recipe, and it's sure to make your mouth water! And, bonus, it's made in the Crock-Pot!


"To keep things as easy as possible, this recipe basically just requires you to toss all of your ingredients in the pot and let the slow cooker do all of the work," Ali says. "It will definitely yield a shredded beef barbacoa that has a few chunks of onion and garlic and green chiles in there, which I don’t mind. But if you want to take an extra step, you can pulse all of the extra non-beef ingredients (minus the bay leaves) together in a food processor or blender beforehand so that there are no chunks. Your call."

Copycat Chipotle Barbacoa

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This dish is as versatile as it is flavorful. Serve it in a soft or crispy taco shell, wrap it in a burrito, or top a salad with it. Whichever way you choose, you're sure to enjoy it!

Visit Gimme Some Oven to view this Barbacoa Beef recipe in its entirety.


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