10 Troubling Things That Might Occur If Moms Can Drink at the Grocery Store

couple drinking while grocery shoppingGrocery shopping -- especially with little kids -- can be stressful! In order to take the edge off a bit, one grocery store is pursuing a liquor license so shoppers can enjoy a glass of beer or wine while they grab that gallon of milk and loaf of bread. Sounds great in theory, right? But can you imagine the mischief moms (and dads) could get into SUI (Shopping Under the Influence)? 


So here's the deal: Busch's Fresh Food Market, a small Michigan-based grocery store chain, is hoping to open a bistro in the middle of the store where customers can pick up a pint of beer or glass of wine to enjoy while they shop. (Now that beats your regular courtesy desk any day!)

We can totally see where the grocery chain is going with this. Have a few sips and suddenly that lobster and filet mignon don't seem so expensive, now do they? Heck, you work hard, you deserve it! But what else might happen after you circle back for a few more beverages? Let's consider it!

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1. You've been dying to cut the deli line. Here's your chance. Who needs a number? Just shout out that order!

2. That's right, you're on the express lane with 72 items, but who's going to stop you? That old lady with the lone package of Depends? You could take her!

3. You're suddenly famished. Why not head over to the chip aisle and open a few bags? No one will notice. Just don't try to make your own guacamole! You don't want to cause an avocado avalanche similar to the one you created when you reached for a lemon to pop in your Corona.

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4. Burst through those swinging doors in the meat department and find out just where the hell that butcher is once and for all.

5. Tell the produce manager he'd better get a new supplier or else. This brown kale ain't cuttin' it!

6. Shout expletives at the bagger who always puts your bread on the bottom. You know you want to.

7. Your partner looks really hot reaching up to get that jumbo pack of paper towels. Maybe you could enjoy a few moments of intimacy in the floral department. No one's ever working there anyway.

8. You decide that the hygiene aisle is totally unnecessary. Why not skip it? (Add this to the list of things you'll regret the next morning as you realize you're out of soap and shampoo.)

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9. You tell that kid crying and whining for a bagel to shut the f*ck up. Oh wait, that's your kid!

10. You've forgotten where you parked but that's A-OK because you picked up a roadie and purchased a lifetime supply of salsa. You'll just crash out by the cart corral. It's all good.

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