The Samoa Martini Recipe Moms Need During Girl Scout Cookie Season

As hard as it is to see a box of Girl Scout Cookies and not eat the entire thing immediately, we think we're going to have to this year. The reason? This absolutely mouth-watering Samoa Martini, of course. What else?


Trust us, we wouldn't put the cookies down for anything less beautiful. But Lisa from Wine and Glue knows her way around a pretty cocktail, and we're sure it'll be worth it. 

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"This Samoa Martini is your favorite cookie all grown up! Half dessert, half cocktail, all seriously delicious!" Lisa says. 

We don't use the phrase "It's what dreams are made of" lightly, but it's reasonable, because this cocktail is LITERALLY OUT OF OUR DREAMS.

And you can make it yourself! Head over to Wine and Glue for the full Samoa Martini recipe.


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