Lazy Mom Meals: Portobello Fajitas Are a Quick & Tasty Meatless Meal

portobello fajitasIf you're in the market for a meatless dinner that won't have you stuck in the kitchen slicing and dicing all afternoon, you're in luck. These portobello fajitas only look fancy! They actually require very little effort but taste amazing!


"These simple fajitas are always an easy, satisfying dinner, and great for busy weeknights," says Kaitlin of The Garden Grazer, who created this yummy recipe.

portobello fajitas

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They're also a great dish to serve if you're cooking for a vegan or someone with a gluten intolerance. Kaitlin says she loves to serve hers with guacamole or pico de gallo.

Visit The Garden Grazer to view this portobello fajita recipe in its entirety.


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