Copycat In-N-Out Double-Double Animal-Style Burger Is a Decadent Stay-Home Meal


Is there anything more frustrating than hearing about an amazing new dish and not living anywhere close to where it's being served? Well, I'd heard all about In-N-Out's Double-Double Animal-Style burger, but not having a franchise in my area left me distraught, curious, and desperately wondering, "How can I make one at home?"


Fortunately, Sabrina, private chef and founder of the food blog Dinner, Then Dessert, saved the day with a copycat recipe that'll put your FOMO (fear of missing out) to rest. Yes, it's a bit complicated, but take one bite and you'll know it was all worth it!

"Don't be discouraged by the steps involved," Sabrina says. "They are all easy. Lengthy, but easy."

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Fortunately, Sabrina is willing to spill the secrets to making this burger extra-amazing:

Make the sauce and the onions the day before. I also cut and soak my potatoes the night before. It eliminates a lot of the starch that prevents the perfect crispy fry. 

The photo above is a side-by-side comparison, with the In-N-Out burger on the left and Sabrina's version on the right. Looks like she nailed it! That picture alone makes your mouth water, doesn't it?

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So, if you don't live around the corner from (or even in the same state as) the beloved burger joint, don't fret -- just head to the grocery store and get cookin'.

Visit Dinner, Then Dessert to view this Copycat In-N-Out Double-Double Animal-Style Burger recipe in its entirety.


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