Gone but Not Forgotten: 12 Girl Scout Cookies of Years Past (PHOTOS)

Caroline Olney | Jan 29, 2016 Food & Party
Gone but Not Forgotten: 12 Girl Scout Cookies of Years Past (PHOTOS)

Every year as winter winds down and we gear up for spring, we buy cookies. The Girl Scouts have officially cracked the human race, and we will always buy their cookies. We cannot ask you to stop, but this year we urge you to put the Thin Mints down and take a moment of silence for all the cookies we've lost -- the cookies the Girl Scouts have discontinued and taken from our lives forever. 

We miss some. Others, not so much. But we'll take this moment anyway to mourn these cookies of years past. Farewell, sweet friends.

Image via iStock.com/Catherine Lane

  • Juliettes


    Image via Girl Scouts; vintagegirlscout.com

    Sometimes found in a slightly different form (called Golden Nut Clusters), Juliettes were the Girl Scout's turtle cookie. They were caramel and pecans drenched in milk chocolate and no less delicious for their predictability. They had a two-year debut in the mid '80s, but were resurrected for another three years beginning in 1993. We love you and miss you, Juliettes. 

  • Praline Royales


    Image via Girl Scouts; vintagegirlscout.com

    Debuting in 1992, Praline Royales were decadent: Praline, pecans, and coconut filled a vanilla cookie, and the whole masterpiece was drizzled with chocolate. 

  • Upside Downs


    Image via Girl Scouts; vintagegirlscout.com

    You know those addictive, delicious Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies? Upside Downs were Girls Scouts' counter to those, but they were crunchier and generally less successful. 

  • Snaps


    Image via Girl Scouts; vintagegirlscout.com

    It's hard to go wrong with a basic oatmeal raisin cookie, and Snaps were topped with icing, so they were pretty much perfect. They only had four years to live, though -- after 1997, these were permanently taken out of the rotation.

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  • Mango Cremes


    Image via Girl Scouts; girlscoutcookies.wikia.com

    Mango Cremes are the most recent on the list, so we should all remember why they were discontinued. Touted as a "healthy" alternative to the other cookies, they were stuffed with nutrients from fruits (and mushrooms), but they didn't taste great. It's fine, though. We'll always have Thin Mints.

  • Lemon Chalet Cremes


    Image via Girl Scouts; vintagegirlscout.com

    Lemon Chalet Cremes were the fruity predecessor to Mango Cremes, and generally more successful. The chalet pictured on the front was the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, which has a pretty home but an awful acronym (WAGGGS).

  • Apple Cinnamons


    Image via Girl Scouts; vintagegirlscout.com

    A short-lived cookie that had a four-year run starting in 1997, Apple Cinnamons were apple-shaped, dusted with cinnamon, and named with the maximum amount of laziness. They were also reduced fat, because in 1997 everything was reduced fat.

  • Cinna-Spins


    Image via Girl Scouts; vintagegirlscout.com

    In the era of 100-calorie packs (#tbt to 2008), Cinna-Spins were born. One box got you five 100-calorie packs of these crispy cinnamon cookies.

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  • Olé Olés


    Image via Girl Scouts; vintagegirlscout.com

    Born in the early 2000s, Olé Olés were reduced-fat powdered sugar cookies with pecans and coconut. We don't actually miss these guys that much, but we'll mourn anyway.

  • Le Chips


    Image via Girl Scouts; vintagegirlscout.com

    Chocolate chipped and chocolate dipped (and sprinkled with hazelnuts), Le Chips were a delicacy of the late '90s.  

  • Golden Yangles


    Image via Girl Scouts; vintagegirlscout.com

    To begin, let us be clear: These were not even a cookie. Golden Yangles were cheese crackers, which would be fine if they weren't being advertised as a COOKIE. In any case, Golden Yangles were discontinued in the early '90s, and thankfully we haven't seen anything savory since.

  • Van'Chos


    Image via Girl Scouts; vintagegirlscout.com

    Van'Chos were in the circulation in the mid-'70s to the mid-'80s and similar to the classic chocolate creme cookies (pictured), so there are some among us who might remember these beauties. They were chocolate and vanilla creme sandwiches, and we're ready to petition whoever we need to get these back.

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