12 Easy & Edible DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

Alyson Brown | Jan 20, 2016 Food & Party
12 Easy & Edible DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

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Cleverly Simple

Anyone who has a sweet tooth like ours is happy to receive a yummy treat as a gift ANY day, and Valentine's Day is no exception. Of course, chocolates and conversation hearts are great, but what about gifting a delicious and cleverly made valentine this year? We know we'd love to receive any of these tasty valentines, which makes them the very best kind to give away. 

For folks who aren't crafty on a regular basis, making and giving out edible valentines may sound like a major chore. However, we're going easy peasy with this roundup of DIY goodies. We know not everyone out there can spend a ton of time making clever treats for the whole classroom, or even making just one for that extra special valentine! We got ya, and we're keeping things super simple with this fun list of ideas. 

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Here are several of our very favorite edible Valentine's Day gifts that everyone can enjoy! Most of these ideas can work for adults or kids, and they're all so easy to put together. In fact, some of them only require a printer and a few snack items that can be picked up at the store. What could be better than that?

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Kelly Ladd

  • Valentine Marshmallow Pops


    These Valentine Marshmallow Pops from KerriCreates are absolutely adorable. They're so easy to make, even in larger quantities, and the kids can help decorate. 

  • Scrabble Valentines



    Who doesn't love a gift that doubles as a game?! These seriously genius Scrabble Junior Cheez-Its help make a fun edible gift. Download and print out the perfect Scrabble Valentine from Positively Splendid and get to work assembling these cute gifts. Let the kids help by having them pick out a few words they recognize.

  • Chocolate-Covered Pretzels



    These Chocolate-Covered Pretzels from Cleverly Simple are not only beautiful, but they're also incredibly simple to make as well. Pop them into a little clear bag, tie them up with a ribbon, and you've got a simple yet tasty gift!

  • Cherry Valentines


    Tootsie Pop Cherries -- how sweet they are! This cute edible craft comes from The House That Lars Built, and they're perfect for a special sweetheart or the whole class. 

  • Candy Kabobs



    Here's a fun twist for gifting simple candies -- Candy Kabobs from Mom Endeavors. Be sure to use a variation of different colors and shapes for the best result!

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  • Dynamite Candies



    I love these Dynamite Candies from Make It Do and have a feeling they'd be the perfect fit for older kiddos. With phrases like "You're the Bomb" or "You're a Blast to Be With," they're sure to be a hit.

  • Kisses Mice



    How adorable are these little Hershey's Kisses Mice that Practically Functional crafted? Super cute and also super easy to make. These will make big fans of your littlest valentines.

  • Candy Huggers



    Another easy and adorable edible gift for the youngest crowd are these Candy Huggers from Lia Griffith. Download and print out the easy template, then let the little ones wrap the animal paws around the treat of your choice.

  • Bear Hug Valentines



    We love these Printable Bear Hug Valentines ($5, BloomDesignsOnline/etsy.com), perfect with small gift bags of gummy bears or bear graham cracker cookies. Just purchase and print out the cute pre-designed cards and tie them onto your gift bags.

  • Fish Bowl Valentines



    These Printable Fish Bowl Valentines ($5, PBJandJ/etsy.com) are quite possibly my very favorite edible Valentine idea. Paired with gummy fish, these are sure to be a smash with genius sayings like "Glad We're In The Same School" or "I Saw You And I Was Hooked!

  • Valentine Burlap Treat Bags



    How eye-catching are these Valentine Burlap Treat Bags from Hi Sugarplum? Fill them with the sweet of your choice, and your valentine can reuse the bag for other treasures! 

  • Rice Krispies Heart Pops


    Everyone LOVES Rice Krispie treats and Kelly Ladd of Handmade by Kelly has put heart-shaped ones on a stick for Valentine's Day. Check out her easy tutorial for DIY Rice Krispies Heart Pops right here on CafeMom.

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