12 Easy & Edible DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

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Cleverly Simple

Anyone who has a sweet tooth like ours is happy to receive a yummy treat as a gift ANY day, and Valentine's Day is no exception. Of course, chocolates and conversation hearts are great, but what about gifting a delicious and cleverly made valentine this year? We know we'd love to receive any of these tasty valentines, which makes them the very best kind to give away. 


For folks who aren't crafty on a regular basis, making and giving out edible valentines may sound like a major chore. However, we're going easy peasy with this roundup of DIY goodies. We know not everyone out there can spend a ton of time making clever treats for the whole classroom, or even making just one for that extra special valentine! We got ya, and we're keeping things super simple with this fun list of ideas. 

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Here are several of our very favorite edible Valentine's Day gifts that everyone can enjoy! Most of these ideas can work for adults or kids, and they're all so easy to put together. In fact, some of them only require a printer and a few snack items that can be picked up at the store. What could be better than that?

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