Family Football Game Party Traditions

cleaning up a spill near a football cup

We love the big football game! From the planning to the party fun, we enjoy it all! Thank you to P&G for sponsoring this post.

Football watching is a family event around here… especially for the big game, because those commercials and halftime show can’t be missed! Our party traditions are pretty easy when it comes to planning and such. One thing we always do is that we prepare for the big day with some great P&G products.


One of our first traditions is to head to Walmart for supplies. We purchase a few P&G products that help to make pregame, game time, and post game all awesome, including Charmin Toilet Paper, Tide Pods Laundry Detergent and Bounty Paper Towels.

We always have some healthy snacks to enjoy during the game. And I bring out our football decorations. I keep the decorations neutral so that we can use them each year and Emmy has taken over official decorating duties. She has her own ideas about where everything should go.

As far as clothing is concerned, we wear the colors of our favorite team that is playing. That’s how we personalize it. I remember the year we all wore the Philadelphia team colors and jerseys, since that is Pete’s favorite team. I also remember the time when Emmy dropped a whole slice of pizza on her shirt. Thankfully we had Tide to wash it and the jersey was good to go for the next season.

Another tradition is our sparkling apple cider (or as we call it, party juice) celebration whenever our favorite team scores a touchdown! We keep a couple bottles chilling in the fridge and then Maddie runs over and pours some whenever it’s time to celebrate! Spills are inevitable so we always keep Bounty on hand to clean up the mess.

What I love the most about our family football party traditions for the big game is that we spend time together having fun.

The big game only happens once a year and knowing that I make that day special for those that I love is all that matters. I love that Pete’s enjoyment of football has spurred a bonding time with he and the girls. They all take great care in deciding what team we will be rooting for (if the all time favorite isn’t playing of course), and the fun of the day makes us all remember how lucky we are to have each other. Want more game day tradition ideas? Head on over to Walmart for more inspiration.

What are your family’s big football game traditions? Please share them below and on social media using the hashtag #GameDayTraditions


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