Super Bowl Party Essentials

football banner at a Super Bowl party

There are many reasons why I love the fall and winter season - the holidays, delicious food, cozy fashion and most of all....FOOTBALL!

One of my favorite ways to watch football is with family and friends, so I often host watch parties in my home. I may put on a big pot of chili or order a few pizzas to be delivered right before the game. I also like to put out a few appetizers or nibbles to munch on throughout the game, as well as some fun football-inspired decorations.


With Super Bowl 50 coming up in a few weeks, I'm already thinking about what I need to stock up on for my watch party! Fortunately, Walmart carries some P&G essentials that will make my gathering run more smoothly.

A few must-have items for my party include:

Charmin. Let’s be honest - guests in the house mean more people visiting the bathroom! So, I’m stocking up on Charmin so that my party guests can get in and out quickly as not to miss any minutes of the big game!

Febreze. Game day can bring all types of smells in the house, especially if my boys come in from throwing the football around outside. Having Febreeze on-hand helps keep my house smelling fresh, as if no sweat or smells ever happened.

Bounty. Party drinks will spill, it’s Murphy’s Law. Having Bounty Towels within easy reach makes cleaning them up even quicker.

Cover Girl Mascara. I may be wearing my favorite team’s t-shirt and sweatpants on game day, but I’m still putting the glam on my face! Cover Girl mascara will make my eyes pop for sure.

Cascade Dishwasher Detergent. When the party is all said and done, Cascade will help me clean all of the dirty dishes left behind. It’s days like this that I am grateful for my dishwasher and detergent!

Start planning today by picking up all of your football party essentials from P&G on your next stop at Walmart. Share your #GameDayTraditions on social and get more game day ideas by visiting


How do you plan on celebrating Super Bowl 50? Does it include a fun watch party?


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