20 Easy Valentine's Day Treats for Lunches, Snacks & Class Parties

20 Easy Valentine's Day Treats for Lunches, Snacks & Class Parties


With grade-school kids, Valentine's Day becomes more than popping open a bottle of champagne over a candlelit dinner and rose petals. Instead, there's no doubt that we're now thinking about upcoming Valentine’s Day kids parties. It’s all about heart-shaped and delicious goodies in the spread! Why opt for something store-bought when we could send the kiddos to the party with something yummy and homemade?

Maybe it's all the pink-colored sprinkles. Maybe it's how bright and vivid reds contrast against all that white chocolate. Maybe it's just the fact that everything is doused and dipped in chocolate. Whatever it is, we have to admit that we think Valentine's Day desserts are downright adorable and we're in love with them! Oh, it's all just so heartwarming. 

But one thing that's not-so-heartwarming? The fact that we need to make huge batches of Valentine's Day treats for all the events our kid is going to. We need to get enough for their entire class at school, and let's not forget about the kids in the neighborhood. All that stress and pressure can sure take the fun out of little heart-shaped desserts, huh?

No need to fret. Check out these easy and cute Valentine's Day recipes for lunches, parties, and other kid-friendly events. We suggest even bringing the little one in the kitchen for some quality time and maybe for starting a new Valentine's Day tradition.

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