11 Food Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2016 (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Jan 19, 2016 Food & Party
11 Food Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2016 (PHOTOS)

Pickled everything will be popular in 2016Whether you're a bona fide foodie or simply a trend-watcher, you may be wondering what to expect from the culinary world in 2016. In other words, what will replace that ubiquitous kale and ramen?? Get ready to pucker up this year, because, among other interesting twists and turns, sour is the new sweet. 

International food and restaurant consultants Baum + Whiteman make their predictions for some interesting yet savory snacks and main meals you can expect to see coming soon to a grocery store or restaurant near you! As Michael Whiteman points out, one of them may surprise you!

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  • Vegetable Ribbons


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    If you didn't receive a spiralizer as a gift this holiday season, it's time to go get one for yourself! According to Baum+Whiteman, you can expect to see chefs and homecooks transforming zucchini, asparagus, beets, and sweet potatoes into colorful Vegetable Ribbons that will replace traditional pasta. Sure makes for a stunning presentation!

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  • No Tipping


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    "I expect large numbers of restaurants to experiment with no-tipping policies in 2016," notes Michael Whiteman. "Most of them will be high-profile establishments -- although not necessarily high-priced -- and they will add to the social momentum of this movement.  But it will take some time for the public to digest the sticker shock of higher menu prices, even though they end up paying approximately the same."

  • Acai Bowls


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    Hailed as "the next big hipster food" by Baum+Whiteman, Acai Bowls are expected to replace the smoothie as the go-to fruit-infused treat of choice. The acai berry is believed to be packed full of antioxidants, making it a great pick for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

  • Savory Yogurt


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    Say good-bye to sweet -- and hello to savory -- when it comes to your yogurt if you want to be on trend. Manhattan-based Sohha Savory Yogurt serves up the creamy treat topped with sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, thyme, sumac, sesame and poppy seeds, roasted pine nuts, and even garlic and onion. Sounds interesting!

  • Dining Meets Retail


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    Here's an innovative way to keep your customers in the store: Offer them a unique dining experience while they browse. According to Baum+Whiteman, retailers like Restoration Hardware and even car makers such as Lexus and Porsche are hoping to keep buyers on the premises a while longer by providing them with a place to eat.

  • Hot Chicken


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    In the midst of a slew of healthy options, Nashville Hot Chicken will be all the rage this year, Baum+Whiteman proclaim. So, just what is it? After it's fried, these tantalizing pieces are dunked in hot sauce, making them a super-spicy alternative to your traditional fried chicken. You may want to order a pitcher of water as your side if you're brave enough to sample this "hot" and trendy dish.

    "Ironically, the fried chicken trend runs counter to American's growing preference for vegetables, for health concerns, and for more 'natural' food," says Whiteman. "Which proves we really want it every-which-way."

  • Poké


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    Calling all seafood fans! Poké, a Hawaiian raw fish dish, is making its way to the mainland and popping up at high-end restaurants from coast to coast. We even saw some delicious-looking Ahi Poke in the prepared foods at Costco!

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  • Turmeric: Spice of the Year


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    Muscling its way into a juice bar near you, Turmeric is the spice of the year, according to Baum+Whiteman. While we're familiar with its powdered form in curries, expect to see the antioxidant-filled root flavoring your dishes in 2016.

  • Seaweed Popcorn


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    Perennially popular, popcorn never goes out of style. But this year the gluten-free go-to will find itself covered in seaweed. Say what? It's part of making the snack appear uber-healthy, say Baum+Whiteman

  • Jerky


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    Believe it or not, jerky is another hot snack you'll see popping up in 2016. But don't expect those boring flavors of our youth. Today's jerky comes in sweet teriyaki, cranberry jalapeño, and even buffalo chicken flavors. No wonder supermarkets and convenience stores are seeing massive sales increases, according to Baum + Whiteman.

  • Sour Is the New Sweet


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    House-pickled veggies are going to be some of the hottest condiments in 2016, according to Baum + Whiteman. Sour will overtake sweet in the snack arena as well (as if you couldn't tell from the last two slides!), and you can even expect to find some tart treats like sour gummy bears hitting the shelves. (Wonder if the bears will be frowning to reflect their new flavor -- haha!)

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