9 Fun Finger Foods to Serve Football Fans During the Game

football snacks

No matter how many people you have over to watch the game, one thing is for sure: They’re going to get hungry. Also a given? They’re not going to want to glance away from the TV screen for even a second to fuss with food that requires something as cumbersome as cutlery.

Sure, you can just set out bowls of chips and pretzels, but those are hardly satisfying – and no one wants the crowd to turn hangry before the game ends! We’ve gathered our favorite recipes for tasty finger food and other handheld bites so you and your guests can forget the forks (and knives, and spoons – just don’t forget the napkins) and focus on the football.



What snacks do you like to serve friends and family who come over to watch football?

Amanda Genge is a writer, editor, and mom of two boys who is not ashamed to admit that she likes watching football games as much for the snacks as the action on the field.

Image ©iStock.com/mphillips007

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