Sex on a Snowbank Cocktail Will Keep Your Winter Blues at Bay

sex on a snowbank cocktailWe've all heard of that naughty libation: Sex on the Beach. Well, here's a clever (and stunning) twist on that infamous cocktail that's perfect for beating the wintertime blues: Sex on a Snowbank. 


Minnesotan Janel at Nellie Bellie came up with this brilliant and beautiful concoction, noting that "it seems a cruel, cruel joke that many of the best cocktails are related to warmth and sand and little umbrellas."

As we hunker down for the remainder of winter, we couldn't agree more!

"This cocktail is easy, easy to make," she says. "Just plop a bunch of ice, some alcohol, and some coconut-y goodness into a blender and you’ve got yourself an amazing, delicious winter cocktail."

sex on a snowbank cocktail

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Doesn't it look like a snowball in a glass? If you've got some friends and family members who love coconut, they'll melt when they get a glimpse and a taste of this wintry wonder. 

Visit Nellie Bellie to view this Sex on a Snowbank recipe in its entirety.


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