Dinner for $5: Curried Chickpeas With Spinach Is a Meatless Marvel

Curried Chickpeas With SpinachIf you enjoy having a meatless entree that's a cost-effective treat, you'll love this Curried Chickpeas With Spinach recipe. Not only is it colorful and oh-so good for you, but it's also ready in a flash. 


"I like this combo of spinach and chickpeas because it’s filling, very nutritious, and just downright pretty," says Beth of Budget Bytes, who created the recipe, but she admits she's still shocked so few ingredients can yield such big flavor. 


Curried Chickpeas With Spinach

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"I served my curried chickpeas with spinach over rice, but it would also be awesome with some naan to soak up the sauce instead. NOM," says Beth.

If you're not a big chickpea fan, lentils would work well, too, she notes. 

Visit Budget Bytes to view this Curried Chickpeas With Spinach recipe in its entirety.


Images via budgetbytes.com

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