9 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Spend #NYE2016 at Home (GIFS)

woman at home on phone holidaysNo big plans for ringing in 2016? Good for you! Going out on New Year's Eve is overrated, and everybody knows it. Why go through all the stress and hassle of getting a sitter and finding the perfect outfit and making small talk all night just to end up with a killer hangover on January 1?


Sure, all the noise-making and midnight kisses were fun back when you were barely old enough to buy your own champagne, but more mature ladies know that staying in on the big night is far more satisfying for so many reasons. Such as ...

1. Who needs a date when you can Netflix and chill with your fantasy BF Leonardo DiCaprio? 


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2. Let all those other late-night revelers make fools of themselves pretending they know how to whip and nae nae. You'll be getting your signature groove on solo, behind appropriately closed doors!


3. If you actually left the house, just think of all the holiday sales you'd be missing out on! Nobody's gonna get the chance to outbid you this time!


4. Besides, the truth is, you don't REALLY like going out in the first place. And being the introvert at the party just plain sucks.


5. I mean, who wants to get all glitzed out when you can throw on a pair of elastic waistbanded sweats and work on your night cheese?!

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6. A slobbery kiss from a stranger with booze breath is gross. Slobbery kisses from your sleepy toddler and/or loyal dog are also gross, but in a much cuter sort of way.


7. Sure, you could go out and spend tons of money at the salon getting a one-night-only 'do, but wouldn't it be sooo much smarter and budget-friendly to spend the evening touching up your grays at home? 


8. Once upon a time, you would've spent the night in sulking and worrying about what you were missing. But now that you're older and wiser, you know that all those sparkly selfies don't mean a thang! And you're totally not gonna stalk all your partying pals on Instagram. Nope.


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9. Anyway, the truth is, you don't need to GO to a party -- you ARE the party.


Image via iStock.com / Martin Dimitrov

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