Peppered Bacon Bloody Mary Will Spice Up Your New Year's Day

Peppered Bacon Blood Mary

The holiday season is filled with plenty of parties -- which can also mean lots of headaches if you find that you've overindulged. If you're hoping to counteract the effects of those seasonal celebratory cocktails, consider the old hair of the dog trick with this spicy twist on your traditional Bloody Mary.


Ali of Gimme Some Oven shares her recipe for a Peppered Bacon Bloody Mary that's sure to help you kickstart your New Year.

"If someone says bacon you’d better believe that my ears perk up just as quickly as my pup’s," Ali says. "I love bacon. Especially when it's peppered."

 Peppered Bacon Blood Mary

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Ali says this brunch staple is "simple, smoky and scrumptious." It sure looks it! What a delicious start to 2016!

Visit Gimme Some Oven to view this Peppered Bacon Bloody Mary recipe in its entirety. 


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